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A lot of the music we consume is inundated with lyrics that glamorize lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous, fancy cars, and wild adventures. While there are a good deal of musicians who condone positive behaviors, there are those who also condone deviant behavior. We are of course referring to songs that romanticize the idea of using and possibly abusing drugs and alcohol. This can have damaging effects on anyone, especially teens who are unfamiliar with the ramifications that come from substance abuse. As a provider of drug and alcohol intervention services in Fair Lawn NJ, North Jersey Recovery Center is cognizant of the negative influence that pop culture can have on consumers. Today, we will discuss drugs and music and how your favorite jams can fuel addiction.

The Effects Of Drugs And Music On Teenagers

While the negative messages in music can potentially affect all listeners, teens seem to be the most likely to abuse drugs and alcohol after hearing song lyrics that glorify its dependence. The statistics and data only seem to confirm these harsh truths. For instance, teens who listen to music about marijuana are at a greater risk of marijuana use. Other factors that connect marijuana and music are the songs the listener listens to, with the exposure to the music they hear. People that listen to music that reference weed in stressful times or low moods may promote the benefits of using the drug, which can continue to entice listeners to follow these types of songs. 

Drugs and alcohol within music can also promote this sense of false-self, meaning, there is a strong belief amongst teens that musicians need these substances to enhance their creative urges or help them clear their minds. They may also believe that their idols can responsibly use these illicit substances as forms of catharsis to deal with depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, and overall stress. As many of us are aware, there are healthier ways to manage your mental health and deal with the curve balls that life may throw at you. In addition to receiving drug and alcohol intervention services in Fair Lawn NJ with our treatment facility, SAMHSA is also chop full of resources that can help someone who is battling with an addiction.

EDM, MDMA And Drug Culture

Songs that fall under the EDM (electronic dance music) genre will often contain colorful lyrics that praise many forms of MDMA, such as Ecstasy and Molly, especially since the purported effects are “euphoric and “stress-reducing”. MDMA is a commonly used drug at raves, where upbeat, bass-filled instrumentals typically encompass lyrics that support its usage at wild gatherings. Teens that are in attendance at these events will usually have easy access to ecstasy and molly, as they believe it will promote“ good vibes” and only enhance the experience of the event. In essence, dependencies and addictions will become the norm for many of these attendees. Apart from the obvious risk of addiction, curious experimenters always face the risk of getting a bad batch of MDMA that is laced with cocaine, bath salts, heroin, or crack. It’s a drug that is heavily referenced by rappers and pop stars and even EDM artists. Molly, a powdered crystalline form of MDMA, is very popular in modern music. A variety of musicians frequently mention their experimentation with these drugs, even going as far as to pen songs that discuss mixing molly with water, a combo known as “molly water.” Studies have continually shown that the power of drug suggestion in music is linked with an increase in MDMA use. Open-minded, adventurous listeners are constantly stumbling across suggestive lyrics that fuel this curiosity. 

A Dangerous Combo: Recreational Drugs And Music Festivals

Music festivals can be an exhilarating experience that combines community and the quintessence of musical expression. As unfortunate as it is to hear, a wide array of attendees considers drug and alcohol use to be a major part of their experience. Users at these festivals will note that drinking alcohol, smoking weed, and using MDMA will augment the experience. If this sounds a little far-fetched to some of you, take a look at these grim results that were noted from a recent survey:

  • 75% used alcohol
  • 38% used marijuana
  • 13% used molly or ecstasy
  • 8% used mushrooms
  • 8% used LSD
  • 7% used cocaine
  • 4% used opioids

The open environment and ease of access makes music festivals a tempting space to use drugs and alcohol. The patterns of behavior for a good amount of these attendees will unfortunately not wane (unless they seek help with drug and alcohol intervention services in Fair LawnNJ). What may start off as an innocent experiment can quickly turn into a cycle of dependency if left untreated. 

Learning To Harness The Positive Power Of Music

We aren’t in any way suggesting that music altogether should be omitted as a form of expression or catharsis. When done right, music has the potential to be incredibly powerful and positive. It can even serve as a vital tool as you go through the journey of recovery. Listening to music has been shown to calm nerves in stressful situations, provides a healthy place to process negative emotions, and helps people to focus. Whether it comes from you listening to or creating music, it can serve as a sufficient outlet as you work through your recovery. Music has always lent itself to various forms of hope and inspiration. Musicians have put out songs over the years that speak to the difficulties of battling addiction and share words of encouragement for those serious about achieving sobriety. As you begin to analyze the music you’re listening to, you might consider replacing songs that were once fueling your addiction with choices that will help you heal, instead. 

Learning How To Heal With Our Drug And Alcohol Intervention Services In Fair Lawn NJ

Music can be a friendly reminder that you are not alone in your addiction struggles. By making the switch to listening to or creating  inspiring music, we can slowly begin to draw attention away from other jams that promote the use of harmful substances. Want to acquire more tools to stay grounded in your newfound journey of sobriety? Contact us today to finalize your involvement with our drug and alcohol intervention services in Fair Lawn NJ!.