New Jersey has taken more than its fair share of punishment from America’s tragic opioid epidemic which began in the 1990s. But New Jerseyans are tougher than a hockey puck and we don’t give up or give in. We fight back — and that’s exactly what Woodland Park and the rest of Jersey have done when it comes to the scourge of addiction and alcoholism.

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What’s Happening in Woodland Park, NJ?

Woodland Park is a small town of just over 13,000 people in Passaic County, NJ. It sits about 20 miles directly due east of Manhattan, as the crow flies, making it a popular bedroom community for people who work in either Newark or New York City. Jersey natives will remember when Woodland Park was called West Patterson (before 2009) — but these days every make says Woodland Park.

People choose to live in Woodland Park for a lot of reasons. The town’s proximity to Newark and Manhattan is a surprising contrast with the natural beauty of the immediate area and that surely adds to the appeal. The Watchung Reservation, South Mountain Reservation, and Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge are among the large swaths of protected land there available to outdoor enthusiasts.

But, being in New Jersey and close to the city comes with cons as well as pros. Woodland Park has not been spared the collateral damage from the war on addiction. Sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, moms and dads throughout Woodland Park have been impacted by addiction in one way or another. Whether it’s opioid use disorder or alcoholism, this community knows the toll of addiction — but North Jersey Recovery Center is here to help.

The Wrath of Addiction in Woodland Park and the Rest of NJ

By all accounts Woodland Park, NJ is a nice place to live. It’s got lots of beautiful multi-story and split-level homes to choose from. Plenty of green areas, plus nature centers and walking paths. It’s close enough to Newark and Manhattan to make lots of well-paying jobs within reach.

The schools here are great and crime is relatively low. Per the FBI, Woodland Park’s crime rate is 42% below the average for NJ towns. But, it’s still impacted by the scourge of addiction that has the Northeastern US in a stranglehold sadly. Addiction in New Jersey, in particular, has been a major issue for at least 25 years.

We don’t have specific data for drug arrests or drug overdoses in Woodland Park alone – however, we have plenty of drug abuse stats for Passaic County as a whole. Drug overdoses in Passaic County, including Woodland Park rose by 300% between 2015-2019, peaking in late 2021. It is believed that the COVID-19 epidemic had at least some bearing on these worrying statistics.

Passaic County and NJ Drug Abuse Statistics:

  • Passaic County had 2,819 drug overdoses between 2015-19 per CDC.
  • Drug overdoses in Passaic County increased by 300% between 2015-19
  • New Jersey overdose deaths peaked at 3,144 in 2021.
  • NJ drug overdoses have been declining, albeit slowly, for the last 2 years.

Substance Abuse Treatment for People in Woodland Park, NJ

Don’t let the doom and gloom of drug abuse statistics trick you into thinking there is no hope here. Nothing could be further from the truth. While Woodland Park and the rest of NJ have been hit harder by addiction than much of the country — NJ hits back. The efforts of the State of New Jersey in partnership with private addiction treatment programs, like North Jersey Recovery Center are perhaps unequaled in the U.S. if not the world.

Treatment for substance use disorders in Woodland Park and everywhere else in NJ is more available than it’s ever been. Drug treatment here is also more effective than it’s ever been before. Major innovations in evidence-based addiction treatment are making marked improvements in outcomes. More people are getting sober and staying sober than ever before.

You or the person you love deserve the best addiction treatment available and that is precisely what you will find at NJRC.

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