Insurance Verification For Addiction Treatment in New Jersey

Most health insurances will cover substance abuse rehabilitation and various forms of mental health treatment. It should be noted that the extent to which your insurance will cover drug and alcohol rehab depends on varying factors. This includes your policy’s behavioral health benefits, your rehab treatment provider, your needs, and much more.

Will My Health Insurance Cover Substance Abuse Treatment?

Yes, health insurance plans will generally cover the cost of treatment for substance use disorder, drug and alcohol addiction, and any present mental health conditions. The type of health insurance plan that you have will help in determining how much of your treatment is covered by the insurance plan, as well as how much you will need to pay out of pocket. We recommend that you always check with your insurance provider before trying to enter a treatment program for substance abuse issues to better understand the details of what is covered under the plan.

Rehab Coverage & Insurance Providers

Once we have received insurance verification, the next step would be to get in touch with our admissions team with North Jersey Recovery Center. Our team of professionals is more than happy to guide you through the admissions process. North Jersey Recovery Center will take the guesswork out of contacting your insurance provider directly. Simply call us or fill in the form below, and we can streamline the process of communication, so that you can begin to reap the benefits of coverage, sooner rather than later.

We are proud to accept some of the following insurance plans from our patients:

  • Horizon
  • Anthem
  • BlueCross Blueshield
  • Aetna
  • Empire
  • Cigna
  • UMR
  • Beacon Health Options – Empire Plan

If you are ready to take that brave next step with treatment, please fill out the form and our apartment will thoroughly conduct a rigorous process for insurance verification.

*It’s important to note that North Jersey Recovery Center is not affiliated or endorsed by any insurance companies*

Insurance Verification Form