Addiction is a serious disorder that requires special care and attention. Those who suffer from alcohol or drug use disorders should find help as soon as possible. But, often, struggling individuals find themselves unsure about where to turn in order to get help near them. Allow us to assist here at North Jersey Recovery Center!

Substance Abuse is a Crisis Affecting New Jersey Communities

West Denville, New Jersey (located in Morris County, NJ) is yet another United States community being impacted by substance abuse and overdose-related deaths. Even with hospitals and mental health care treatment facilities available, drug and alcohol addiction is still on the rise.

Regardless of the slight downward fluctuation, as of Jan 2020, the rate of death directly related to overdose is still taking over 3,000 New Jersey residents’ lives each year. This death rate is still double than recorded in 2013. Though now it is only slightly lower, the reported drug overdoses in 2018 was an outrageous 3,118 number of lives taken.

As the numbers fluctuate slightly, it is certain that losing even one person to addiction is already far too many. The total population of West Denville, NJ recorded in July of 2019, was just over 17,200. Taking that into consideration, the loss of more than 3,000 people due to substance abuse within the state is devastating to the local communities.

Substance abuse and addiction affect West Denville, New Jersey residents of all ages and backgrounds. The health of the community depends on helping addicts get rehabilitation therapy in order to maintain overall wellbeing.

Many West Denville, NJ Residents are Reluctant to Get Help

All over the state, there are people who need rehabilitation for substance abuse that are not seeking out the help available. Once in the cycle of addiction and substance abuse, individuals may begin to believe that rehab and addiction therapy will consume too much of their time. They opt to continue to use in order to avoid withdrawal.

Many people who struggle with addiction may be unaware of the life-threatening dangers of a life of substance use. Aside from potential overdose and death, the impact it is having on their families and loved ones leave behind trauma. This pattern only leads to substance abuse running through families. Thus, the harmful cycle of addiction continues, causing challenges to arise in every area of the suffering individual’s family.

Addiction’s Effects on the Family Unit

Substance abuse can have very negative effects on families. Each day in America, 2,400 requests for divorce are filed per day. Addiction falls third on the list, preceded by money and infidelity, which ironically can both be impacted by substance abuse in itself. Alternatively, making excuses for the addict further enables them to continue along this path, instead of getting the addiction help available within their local West Denville, NJ community.

Within the family dynamic, each person fulfills a role throughout their daily home routines. Of the 17,278 residents in West Denville, 17,180 of those people reside with others in their households. Additionally, 14,632 West Denville, NJ inhabitants live specifically with members of their own family.

Consider for a moment the impact on the community if even just half of those homes have a loved one struggling with substance abuse. By deciding not to get addiction treatment or by continuing to allow a loved one to abuse drugs and alcohol, you could be putting your entire family in distress. Addiction, in itself, is imposing a negative impact on the lives of those around you.

Family Roles and How Substance Abuse Develops

When addiction is present in a residence, more often than not, the entire family has somehow adjusted to these types of behavior. Everyone contributes in their way to ensure that things run more smoothly despite it. Responsibilities are then usually evenly distributed. When even one family member is struggling with any type of substance abuse, those responsibilities must shift. The pressure bears down heavily on the others, directly affecting their mental health and wellbeing.

When substance abuse gets mixed into the family dynamic, individuals may begin to assume various roles. Also, addiction can trickle down, leading to emotional or mental health issues as time goes on.

The One Who Enables

Traditionally, this can be the life-partner, husband, wife, or even the oldest child in a single-parent household. The person in this position is typically sober in terms of addiction. They take on the majority of responsibilities that have been neglected by the substance user.

Making sure that the house is kept up with, and chores are completed by taking on additional tasks to make sure everything gets done. They must contribute more to daily responsibilities in place of the addict’s absence.

This then further allows a struggling individual to focus on substance abuse without consequence. Not only does this cause tension, but it also creates an unstable environment. When children are involved, sadly, they are observing and learning these patterns of behavior.

The Heroic Young Adult

In West Denville, NJ, over 30% of households are conducted with one parent present. In these homes, an older child must contribute more time to daily responsibilities such as child care, meal preparation, and so forth.

These types of responsibilities will only grow over time as a parent’s addiction problem progresses. This often leads to emotional disorders of inadequacy that were developed early on while taking on unreasonable responsibilities.

The psychological trauma could lead to depression, anxiety, or even obsessive-compulsive disorders. Over 6.7 million people in 2017 have presented with both substance abuse, have been diagnosed with the same mental illness present within other family members. Since addiction is a genetically predisposed disease, the chances of self-medicating to cope with these feelings is an unfortunate and common outcome.

Someone Gets the Blame

Children, especially young children, are like a sponge for absorbing information. While growing up, they watch how each person in the environment is influenced by substance abuse and addiction, and children tend to mimic. At younger ages, mirroring unhealthy traits can become a lasting part of their personality.

In the US, 20.6 million adolescents, 12 years of age and older, are dealing with addiction in some way, as of 2011. Since then, that number is growing throughout the nation. In order to keep West Denville, NJ, on the right track, for the sake of our youth, rehabilitation options for addiction is a must.

After noticing how much attention an addict receives, children at home over time have learned how to get attention. They realize that they will be punished for acting out in illegal or inappropriate ways and do so, to get noticed and feel significant. It is not surprising why this would happen.

They begin to resent authority and find themselves getting into trouble. In Denville Township, 4 out of 100 children under the age of 18 admitted they are actively using substances that they easily acquire at home.

These numbers increased as they grew to adulthood, and 78 out of 100 individuals report having experimented with substances by then. This type of toxic behavior is already exhibited within our West Denville, NJ school systems, and is often not addressed due to an already overwhelmed household.

The Light-Hearted Sufferer and The Lost Child

These two roles developed by the youth within homes present very differently from each other but are both influenced by an environment of addiction. Using humor as a coping mechanism can often allow for deeper seeded issues to go unidentified, as they may appear to be unaffected and light-hearted.

Grasping to keep spirits high, they will often try to lighten a heavy conversation or mood. To disperse feelings of mistrust and hurt, they often resort to jokes and witty behaviors. As innocent as it may seem, allowing these feelings to fester and be pushed aside will only lead to issues down the road, like the inability to take things seriously.

Then there are also circumstances in the exact opposite light. Instead of covering up the stress of living at home with a struggling parent or other family member, children might withdraw, and self isolate to avoid dealing with addiction-related trauma. The numerous repercussions and inability to socialize or rely on a support system will likely evolve into more obvious problems fitting into the norms of society.

When young people feel as if they don’t belong, they may try to fit into groups of people that accept them, even if they are partaking in illegal and dangerous activities.

The Common Factor: The Addict

Coming down to the source, that interrupts a peaceful family dynamic, is the addict. In Morris County, home of West Denville, the 2014 New Jersey Substance Abuse Monitoring System report found that heroin use was responsible for the highest number of addicts reported, with 1,254 users out of 2,059 people in the focus group.

That ratio is a whopping 43% overall other substances. Alcohol abuse came in second with 981 self-identified alcoholics, and 172 dependent on opiates.

Now you might have noticed that the findings exceed the number of participants in the report. That is due to some individuals having addictions to more than one substance at a time. Having this information is very valuable when assessing the high level of stress that is felt within the households of West Denville, NJ communities.

The Pain of Addiction

Many struggling individuals often experience guilt and shame due to the conditions they are subjecting their families to. But, some deny having a problem, therefore, refusing to get help. Without discussing the rehab options for themselves and their families, they continue to subject the entire household to the pain and suffering of their own damaging addiction.

It is imperative that individuals suffering from substance dependence seek professional help. Through addiction treatment, those who are struggling can find total freedom from alcoholism or drug use. They and their families can experience the hope and healing that come with recovery!

Mental Health Treatment Including Dual Diagnosis in West Denville, NJ

The effects of substance abuse and addiction have been tangled into everyday family and community life. Because of this, it is important to discuss mental health treatment for the addict and all of those involved. Mental or psychological disorders present themselves differently in every person. They can be genetic or rendered as a result of a trauma inflicted on them through the developmental stages of our lives.

In West Denville New Jersey, 1 out of every 4 adults suffers from both addiction and another psychological disorder. This only helps to fuel substance abuse when addiction is not managed properly. Without concern for other mental illnesses that an individual might suffer from, facing addiction alone and not receiving proper rehabilitation, detox, and care, can have much more insufficient outcomes.

Dangers of Ignoring Your Mental Health

There are many known reactions when attempting to detox from substance abuse absent from professional medical care. Some reported reactions that are dangerous to you and others should be considered before facing these times alone.

Often, a person suffering from addiction can:

  • Self-isolate
  • Attempt to self-harm
  • Become verbally abusive
  • Trade one addiction for another
  • Begin or continue to be physically abusive to those around them
  • Harness aggression and hostility, releasing it on unsuspecting loved ones
  • Attempt to suffer the dangerous effects of withdrawal alone, resulting in death or further trauma

In West Denville, NJ, there are many mental health centers available that also offer rehabilitation assistance during this time of need. Having thoughts of self-harm during vulnerable times of addiction threatens everyone involved in their lives.

In Morris County, studies show that men carrying a high responsibility to financially support their families are three times more likely to attempt suicide than women. With the help of counselors and trained professionals, you can safely learn skills and practice managing psychological disorders, while getting substance abuse treatment.

Finding the Right Treatment Fit For You in West Denville, New Jersey

There is no doubt a need to provide the best rehabilitation care for addicts living in West Denville, NJ communities. Choosing the best care for your addiction can make a difference for you and your family. In order to reset and improve the living environment for you and those you love, consider which options will be best for you and all involved.

Outpatient Care in West Denville, New Jersey

Typically, outpatient care is opted for when facing addiction head-on. This allows for an addict to maintain the routines and responsibilities necessary while getting treatment. With this option, you are able to develop coping skills and identify triggers while putting them into practice immediately at home.

The programs available within your outpatient treatment include:

  • Case management
  • Community-based support groups
  • Family involvement and counseling
  • Individual therapy
  • Monitoring substance use
  • Vocational training and employment services

Taking part in therapy and counseling is a direct approach to manage withdrawal and work toward sobriety and recovery.

Admissions and Detox

To begin any journey to recovery, an addict must go through a period of detox. This process works to rid the body of harmful toxins.

During admissions, you will be asked questions regarding your addiction:

  • Overall physical health
  • Current or previous instances of drug or alcohol abuse
  • Mental illness or psychological diagnosis
  • Support systems available during your rehab journey
  • Whether or not you have been treated for addiction before
  • Your motivation and dedication to the program that will restore the value of your life.

After being admitted for a specified amount of time, you will be overseen by medical professionals within the rehab that can emotionally or possibly medically assist you in managing detox symptoms. Within the safety of the West Denville, NJ facility, assistance will be available to you 24/7 until you have completed the process.

Inpatient (Residential) Treatment in West Denville, NJ

The inpatient program option allows for treatment in a rehabilitation center for an allotted amount of time. Typically these courses offer 30 day, 60 day, or 90-day treatment plans. This allows people to completely remove themselves from vulnerable or toxic environments and receive the treatment that they need. Customized plans can be designed for those that have restricted time available to be away from other obligations and responsibilities.

Holistic Treatment Options in West Denville New Jersey

Especially when dealing with a trauma-based illness that influenced addiction, such as PTSD, a holistic and mindfulness approach to wellbeing can help put your mind at ease.

These approaches are designed to improve one’s ability to deal with anxiety and stress. They introduce an addict to a venue for relaxation and empowerment by means of mantras and meditative reflections. Learning how to tolerate and manage triggers or cravings and work toward long-term recovery and restorative healing.

West Denville, New Jersey Alternative Rehab Payment Options

Some individuals use insurance to help cover the costs of rehab. Other options to look into, especially if you are without healthcare coverage, and it would be useful to enlist the help of any listed below:

  • Requesting a loan- Personal banks can offer lower interest rates on loans, as there are many lenders available to apply for.
  • Medicaid- This is both a federal and state offered program offering free or lower-cost insurance. This is especially useful for many low-income applicants who meet the criteria.
  • Sponsor a fundraiser- When a lack of health insurance hinders the ability to apply the options above, this could be a great option to have rehab services funded. Sites such as on social media, GoFundMe, or CrowdRise have been known to provide addicts with the means to get the treatment that they and their families so desperately need.

Working with the admissions team to find a payment method that works for you can get you started on your journey to recovery, restoring serenity to your life.

Today is the Day To Make a Change

Waiting to get help for your addiction only prolongs your suffering and the suffering of those around you. In West Denville, NJ, our North Jersey Recovery Center team members are ready to discuss your options to restore your healthy life and set you free from the holds of addiction.

If you’ve been suffering from addiction and you’re looking for hope and help, you can end your search here and now! We are here to help you find your way to freedom and sobriety. Our understanding and compassionate staff members will walk with you every step of the way as you work toward recovery.

Pick today to set a good example for those who look to you as they grow and pave a new path to your sober future and the future of those that love you. Contact us today to change your life for the better. We are ready and willing to assist you as you pursue a future without substance dependence!