Around the world, drug and alcohol abuse has been an ongoing crisis. In the community of Passaic, New Jersey, the effects have taken an even greater toll. In the United States, 24 million people are impacting and devastating their community with their use of drugs. Additionally, alcohol abuse comes in close behind, recording 18 million Americans suffering from alcohol addiction.

Choosing Treatment to Keep Families Together in Passaic, NJ

Prioritize the needs of yourself and your loved ones when making the decision to get addiction treatment in Passaic. There are essential components to consider. Take the time to decide whether intensive outpatient treatment or full rehab inpatient care would personally benefit you. 

Consider the following factors when making the choice for addiction treatment: 

Would you or your loved one benefit from remaining within the household throughout their treatment? 

Sometimes, these conditions can reinforce and support an addict as they work through their journey toward sobriety and recovery. Having a constant reminder of the support and encouragement by their family and friends can have a profound effect on one’s rehab success. 

Is the addict the primary provider of child care or household affairs? 

Oftentimes under these circumstances, they are faced with obligations that leave them unable to be absent from the home for prolonged periods of time. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities in Passaic have partial care programs that allow the patient to continue their day to day responsibilities while getting the therapy and support that they need. 

When Staying Home Isn’t the Best Option

Take into consideration the severity of the addiction. Someone suffering from an intense, long-standing addiction usually means they require a more intensive rehab therapy option. While being able to remain at home and taking part in drug and alcohol rehab programs sounds ideal. It isn’t always the best option when it comes to getting the care that you need. 

In Passaic, New Jersey, our rehab facilities have designed inpatient treatment that allows an addict to take part and complete their addiction rehab program in an environment that is absent of home life and daily stressors. 

Inpatient (or residential treatment) helps eliminate the following:

  • Feeling overwhelmed with daily obligations
  • Having an unsafe or substance infused living space
  • Living in an abusive or dangerous atmosphere
  • Being surrounded by other addicts that directly or indirectly that have a significant influence on your treatment
  • Are faced with underlying physical or mental health illnesses that impact addiction and substance abuse which require more around the clock care
  • The inability to focus your attention on your rehabilitation therapy while remaining in your current home location
  • When addiction had made its way into every space in your life, and remaining home will only further fuel desires to take part in abusing dangerous substances
  • By determining that the best course of rehab therapy would take place while in an inpatient program immediately the following detox

When any of these factors are in play, it is important to understand that they have the means to threaten your ability to successfully break free from the use of harmful and deadly substances. By consciously recognizing this reality, you will only further reinforce your drug and alcohol abuse therapy in a positive way. Once you have made your decision on the best type of care, Passaic, NJ rehabilitation facilities will help you take the next step to get your life back on track. 

Starting Your Rehabilitation Journey: Target Acquired

Making the first move to acquire addiction treatment depends on an addict first completing a detox program. Detox and addiction treatment are different experiences for everyone.

The experience in detox and addiction treatment will depend on the following:

  • The length of time a person has been dependent on drugs or alcohol
  • The degree to which addiction has progressed.
  • If the person has attended rehab in the past
  • Co-occurring mental illness that may be present
  • The individual was abusing more than one substance

Undergoing this process at home is not impossible, but is typically more than uncomfortable for both the addict and those around them. Because of this, individuals beginning their rehabilitation journey opt to do so within the care of a rehabilitation center. Going through detox under the supervision of trained medical professionals significantly reduces the risk of injury or even death. 

Within rehabilitation and detox centers of Passaic, NJ, you would be offered 24 care and supervision during this vulnerable time. Under certain circumstances, while admitted for detox in a rehab facility, there may be an option to utilize the assistance of specialized medication to reduce the side effects of withdrawal. 

With professional and diligent health monitoring, the safety of your detox is overseen carefully. Additionally, detoxing in private gives addicts the ability to move forward with their rehabilitation plan seamlessly confidently. Immediately being able to lean into their therapy programs, provides an addict with a valuable head start toward recovery. 

Benefits of Local Rehabilitation Treatment in Passaic, New Jersey

Aside from a multitude of other benefits that go along with being up close and personal during your recovery journey, licensed healthcare professionals have the opportunity to get to know you on a personal level. Persons that take advantage of these opportunities in Passaic, NJ are evaluated and treated for any co-occurring mental or psychological disorders that may have contributed to their substance abuse habits. 

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis is when a person suffers from one or more underlying mental health illnesses at the same time. Also known as co-occurring illnesses, dual diagnoses are common among the substance abuse community. Addiction is considered a disease in itself. 

By allowing yourself to be cared for during rehab in Passaic County, New Jersey, other illnesses can be addressed. This can make a profound difference in your overall success in overcoming addiction for life. 

Financial Options for Substance Abuse Rehab in Passaic, NJ

When committing to getting the drug or alcohol rehab care, one common concern is how to fund the necessary treatment. Rehab centers work with many insurance providers and can get you started by verifying your coverage. However, 13.5% of the residents of Passaic county are reported uninsured. For those who need care and are under or uninsured, there are nonprofit organizations that can be utilized for assistance. 

Alternatively, there are other options that may better fit your needs, such as paying out of pocket or taking out a personal loan, or holding a fundraiser. The average yearly income for a household in Passaic, NJ is reported to be just short of $35,000 per year. Because getting help for addiction is so important, rehab treatment resource centers will do their best to help you. They can help create a financial plan to cover the costs of getting the best possible care for you or your loved one. 

Passaic, New Jersey Communities Take a Direct Hit Due to Addiction

Passaic County in New Jersey, faces the impact head-on, having to deal with the fact that within their area, there is a direct route used by cartels, trafficking more and more heroin into the community and the surrounding areas. 

In the neighboring county of Bergen, New Jersey, over 40 heroin-related deaths were reported in 2013. This raised an alarm that something was going horribly wrong, and attention must be shifted to combat this. Even more astonishing, in 2011, Passaic County was noted as the area with the highest upward increase of heroin-induced mortality growing over 700% by 2013. Routes used to traffic these deadly drugs, such as Route 20, allow for direct distribution of some of the purest and deadly forms of heroin. These were dispersed throughout Passaic at an alarming rate. 

Due to the abundance of drugs moving through the area, drug-addicted individuals, or more specifically heroin addicts, can get their fix without much effort. 

Passaic, New Jersey Taking Action Against Drug Surplus

While law enforcement and government utilize all means of taking back control over these deadly substances, the impact on society, in general, is a monster of its own. With crime rates increasing, overpopulation of prisons, injury, overdose, and even death ransacking the Passaic area, the end is far from in-sight, despite the best effort being made. Once drug addiction infiltrates an area on this level, those already addicted will obtain drugs by any means necessary.

Drug dependency alters the priorities of an addicted individual. This leads to leaving other important obligations, such as the wellbeing of their children, career, or family as secondary or of lesser importance. Passaic, New Jersey faces several social hardships because of this. It makes the need for rehabilitation and mental illness therapy top on the list to impact the drug epidemic. 

Drug Abuse Rips Families Apart

In Passaic, New Jersey, there are 501,826 residents calling this community home. Of their residents, 23.8% are under the age of 18 years old, and 13.6% of the population lives in poverty. Over 50% of the youth in this area are raised in a single-parent household. The effects of addiction on their families could be devastating. 

The remaining percentage of homes that have two parents present have shown an increased amount of debilitating stress to undertake when one parent is dependent and abusing deadly and illegal substances. 

When a parent, guardian, or older family member is suffering from substance abuse, the entire family dynamic is impacted. It often leads to further addictions within their family unit. Children are being removed from homes and separated from their parents indefinitely.

This can sometimes lead children to suffer from emotional trauma, behavioral issues, or mental health diagnosis. Getting the right kind of help for addiction is imperative in order to ensure the wellbeing of families in the Passaic area. 

You Owe it to Yourself to Take Back Your Life: Ready, Aim, Fire

Regardless of what type of rehab treatment you decide is best to take part in. You owe it to yourself and to those you love, to get help for addiction that can change your life. Taking advantage of the programs and facilities offered in Passaic, NJ rehab centers, such as North Jersey Recovery Center, is the best decision you can make to take your life back. 

Individuals and staff that conduct specialized therapy groups have your best interests in mind when administering addiction rehab care. Just as it is important when getting treatment for any other type of illness, the treatment available for addiction is of the highest quality designed for overall success.

By putting in the effort and practicing the methods that are adjusted to your recovery needs, the opportunities that appear ahead of you will be endless. Seeing the world through a sober lens will offer you a new vision of your future, leading to an overall positive outlook on the rest of your life. 

Contact us today to start discussing what you have to look forward to when substance abuse is no longer controlling your life. We are eager to guide you on your way to a full and meaningful life void of substance abuse. Your recovery can begin with us as soon as today! We look forward to hearing from you.