Category: Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery is a life-long process that occurs immediately after you make a decision to become sober. Recovery is on-going and requires therapy and support. Your own struggle with addiction will decide what your recovery will need to look like.

Individuals who seek addiction treatment often find themselves believing that once they go through a program they’re cured. In reality, addiction treatment is a process that continues long after you leave.

Many individuals will seek an aftercare or sober living program once they leave the treatment facility. These places are excellent for individuals to get started in a routine that does not involve substance abuse. It is generally recommended that someone start there before attempting to readapt into another living situation.

Addiction recovery is also comprised of therapy. This could be group therapy, individual, family, or relapse prevention therapy. Recovering addicts need to have a place to discuss the struggles they encounter and how to overcome them. Recovery meetings like the 12-step programs are excellent for this type of support.

Recovery from addiction will often bring many challenges. How can I make sober friends? How do I avoid drinking at parties? Can I go back to my old job? Restarting your life after treatment is difficult, but continuing to live life in addiction is much more so.

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