Finding Help For Addiction in New Milford, NJ

Known as the ‘Birthplace of Bergen County’, New Milford was founded in 1683. Currently, the population of New Milford, New Jersey is 16,923 which has been steadily growing since 2010. New Milford is home to a number of artistic, cultural, as well as historic landmarks. The Art Center of Northern New Jersey is situated on the premises of the old Lutheran Church in New Milford. The center was founded in 1956 and is a fine arts school and gallery that showcases both local and national art exhibits. On the historical side, New Milford is the location of the infamous New Bridge Landing which  General George Washington and his troops had to march across when they had to flee from British Forces. One of the oldest houses in Bergen county was established in New Milford in 1677. It was owned by the founding member of the Huguenot Colony, David Demarest who lived there with his son until 1763. New Milford is not far from the George Washington Bridge, which makes the commute to Manhattan less than an hour long. While it is a quaint and quiet town in New Jersey, sometimes it helps to get away when you are seeking addiction treatment in New Milford.

Searching for Addiction Treatment in New Milford, NJ?

When you are searching for addiction treatment in New Milford, consult the addiction specialists at North Jersey Recovery Center. Our center in Fairlawn is just a short 20 minute drive away from New Milford and provides the perfect opportunity to escape and receive the proper treatment you need to heal and recover from your addiction.

At North Jersey Recovery Center, our goal is to help those suffering from addiction or substance use disorder find the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment options that meets their needs. Our addiction specialists are here for you when you need them most, and we tailor all of our addiction treatment services to our patients individualized goals.

We offer the following services at our state-of-the-art addiction treatment facility:

  • Drug and Alcohol Detox
  • Dual Diagnosis Program
  • Partial Care Programs
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs
  • Traditional Outpatient Programs
  • Inpatient Treatment
  • Various Therapy Services

If you are struggling from an alcohol addiction, prescription drug addiction, benzodiazepine addiction, cocaine addiction, heroin addiction or opiate addiction and you are looking for addiction treatment in New Milford, contact the specialists at North Jersey Recovery Center today.

Benefits of Therapy When Looking For Addiction Treatment in New Milford, NJ

We offer many different types of therapy at our addiction treatment center. The specific types of therapy used to treat an addiction or substance use disorder vary because we tailor our treatment programs to our patients unique, individualized needs.

The different types of therapy offered at North Jersey Recovery Center include:

We pride our addiction treatment professionals on using a well-rounded, all encompassing approach to helping our patients heal from their addiction. Some of the more non-traditional, open minded approaches that we offer include, art therapy, music therapy, family counseling, holistic therapies, life skills development, and more.

If You’re Seeking Addiction Treatment in New Milford- Get Started on The Road to Recovery at North Jersey Recovery Center Today

When you are ready to seek help for your addiction or substance use disorder, you can rely on the caring and compassionate professionals at North Jersey Recovery Center. Call us today to get started!