Drug and Alcohol Treatment Resources in Edgewater, NJ

In 2020, there were 25 admissions for substance abuse treatment in Edgewater, New Jersey, according to the most recent data from the New Jersey Substance Abuse Monitoring System (NJSAMS). There were 13 admissions for heroin use, 7 for alcohol use, and 5 for other substances.

In addition, the New Jersey Department of Human Services reported that in 2020 there were 267 drug-related fatalities in Bergen County, where Edgewater is located, a slight increase from the previous year.

According to the Division of Mental Health and Addiction, 273 Individuals Receiving Addiction Treatment Services for public aid.

Finding the Resources You Need

A powerful and all-consuming condition, addiction can have devastating effects on a person’s existence. It is capable of destroying relationships, tearing families apart, and causing significant physical health issues. Isolation and despondency can be overpowering for individuals with substance use disorders.

However, residents of Edgewater, New Jersey can find solace in the fact that there are Addiction Treatments in Edgewater NJ available to assist those battling drug or alcohol abuse. Support is available whether you require outpatient or residential treatment, halfway house housing, detoxification services, or an intensive outpatient program.

It is essential to keep in mind that addiction is a common struggle and that you are not alone on the road to recovery. With the proper tools and resources, it is possible to break free from addiction’s grasp, despite the fact that countless people across the country are battling similar battles. Do not hesitate to seek assistance, as it is readily available.

Edgewater, NJ Recovery Meetings Near Me

AA Meeting at Edgewater Community Center

Edgewater Community Center at Veterans Field

Address: 1167 River Rd. – Edgewater, NJ

Friday’s at 7:30 PM

AA Meeting at Trinity Episcopal Church

Trinity Episcopal Church

Address: AA Meeting at Trinity Episcopal Church is 0.83 miles from Edgewater, NJ

Sunday’s at 6:00 PM

AA Meeting at Holy Rosary Parish Center Community Hall

Holy Rosary Parish Center Community Hall

Address: 26 Edgewater Place

Saturday’s at 10:30 AM

NA Meeting United Methodist Church

Address: 2.41 miles from the center of Edgewater Park, NJ

Saturday’s at 7:00:00 PM

Edgewater Beginners Group

Address: 1183 Carrs Wharf Road, Edgewater, Maryland 21037

Wednesday’s at 8:00 pm – 21:00

Get Addiction Treatment in Edgewater NJ Immediately from North Jersey Recovery Center

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, it is crucial to seek aid as soon as possible. The North Jersey Recovery Center provides individuals with substance abuse problems with comprehensive and individualized treatment options. Addicts can begin their journey to recovery in a secure and supportive environment, courtesy of the center’s team of seasoned professionals and evidence-based Addiction Treatment in Edgewater NJ.

From medically assisted detox to inpatient and outpatient treatment programs, North Jersey Recovery Center provides a variety of services tailored to satisfy the individual needs of each patient.

Contact North Jersey Recovery Center immediately to learn more about Addiction Treatment in Edgewater NJ and how they can assist you or a loved one in overcoming addiction and beginning a healthier, happier life.