two friends hanging out on a couch and having a conversation in a Sober Living home

If you’ve been searching for an addiction recovery center near you in New Jersey, then you are already aware of all of the benefits that staying in a sober living home has to offer.

In order to make your stay at a sober living home in Northern New Jersey successful, it is important that you follow the house rules that are outlined by the staff there. These homes are generally set up in such a way that they provide you with the best chance for success in addiction recovery, while helping you to live on your own as quickly as possible. Most sober living homes also require residents to regularly participate in a 12-step program such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous to ensure residents are staying focused on recovery.

Here are some rules to remember during your stay at a sober living home in Northern New Jersey:

1. Follow the Rules of the House

It should come as no surprise that the first rule of staying at a sober living home is to follow all of the house rules that are put into place by the property managers or owners.

It’s important to be aware of what is expected from each person who lives on the premises and to always do your best to adhere to what is expected of you.

A lot of people may have difficulty adjusting to being at a sober living home and following the rules there. One reason is that they may have been used to having a little more freedom when they were still using drugs or drinking alcohol and may find that it is difficult now that they are trying to live without them. 

Other people may need some time to get used to the structure of a sober living environment and what is expected of them while they are there. Following the house rules will help you to ultimately overcome your addiction and live a clean and sober life.

2. Don’t Drink or Use Drugs

The most important rule to remember while staying at a sober living home is not to drink or use drugs. That is because the main goal of this type of program is abstinence. 

Plus, there are other ways you can spend your time without substances. It could be helpful to take up a hobby, volunteer at a local charity, or find a new way to socialize with friends and family.

3. Set Goals for Yourself 

When first arriving at a sober living facility, it might be hard to think about what you want out of life now that you are sober. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to set goals for yourself.

You should take some time to think about what you want to learn from your experience and make those goals known by telling someone else about them. 

A good option is to set goals for how long you plan on being clean and sober before returning home or where you would like to live after your stay in rehab is complete. Whatever your goals may be, make sure they are realistic so that if/when you fall off track it will be easier to get back on track again and to forgive yourself.

4. Don’t Forget The Curfew

Curfew is a set time that an individual must be back at the sober living home by. This is typically from 10 PM to 6 AM, but it can also be longer or shorter depending on the home. 

Curfews are important because they protect recovering individuals from being out or staying up all night, which could lead to relapse. 

If someone has broken curfew, there are typically consequences such as being kicked out of the house with no other place to go or having their privileges revoked. It’s always important to keep track of what time it is and make sure you’re not outside past your curfew.

5. Visitors Are Allowed Under Certain Circumstances at Set Times

There are some guests who may be invited into sober living homes in Northern New Jersey. Family members and friends are usually welcomed, as well as professionals who can offer assistance with job placement, financial planning or addiction treatment. 

However, visitors should be aware of the following restrictions:

  • They are not permitted to stay overnight for more than one night at a time. 
  • Smoking may be strictly prohibited on the premises of sober living homes in Northern New Jersey.
  • Visitors can’t bring drugs or alcohol onto the property either. 
  • Visitors must respect residents’ need for privacy and keep their conversations private when outside the public spaces of sober living homes in Northern New Jersey

6. Chores Are Mandatory

One of the most important rules at sober living homes is that chores are mandatory, and they may vary from day to day. 

There will be a chore list available for all residents so that there is no confusion about who is responsible for what. For example, someone might be assigned dish duty one day and laundry duty the next. These chores teach you how to live on your own, while also teaching you how to be accountable for your actions.

It’s also important not to leave any dishes or clothes in the sink or on a countertop when you’re done using them because it will be someone else’s responsibility if you don’t clean up after yourself.

Sober Living Homes Offer You a Safe and Secure Environment to Help You Maintain Your Sobriety

There are many benefits to living in a sober living home while you are trying to stay clean from drugs and/or alcohol. Sober living homes are not meant for short-term stays and there are rules and responsibilities that come with living in a sober living environment. To achieve the utmost level of success in your recovery and in your sober living home, it is so important to follow the rules of the house. 

Contact North Jersey Recovery Center today to learn more about what life is like living in a sober living home in northern New Jersey.