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North Jersey Recovery Center Sees Massive Success with Its Relapse Prevention Program
Newark, NJ – The North Jersey Recovery Center has announced that it’s seeing a lot of success with its Relapse Prevention Program. The program has been running for the last few months and it continues to play a key role in keeping recovered patients out of rehab. The center notes that it plans to continue with this trend as it tries to deal with the substance abuse problem in the US.

The North Jersey Recovery Center notes that treating addiction and substance abuse is hard and it takes a lot of commitment and effort from both the center and the patient. However, despite all this hard work, relapsing back to old habits is easy and it typically happens in a flash. This is why the North Jersey Recovery Center has often maintained that post-treatment support is one of the most crucial steps in promoting a full recovery from addiction.

The Relapse Prevention Program was launched for specifically that role. It is a comprehensive post-treatment care strategy designed to give recovered patients the tools and support they need to stay clean. So far, it seems the program has been a major success.

North Jersey Recovery Center in fact notes that it is looking for ways to expand it and give future patients a chance to get clean and stay clean. Nonetheless, the recovery center maintains that the Relapse Prevention Program is part of a broader strategy designed to make addiction treatment effective and easier for the affected families.

The center has, over the years, built a modern addiction treatment facility filled with some of the most preeminent addiction treatment specialists in the United States.

Additionally, North Jersey Recovery Center has also developed a comprehensive care package that features a wide variety of innovative treatment programs. From medication-assisted treatment and intensive outpatient care, to more flexible evening treatment programs, the center is looking to offer highly flexible treatment options for all people.

North Jersey Recovery Center also adds that it has worked hard over the years to create the necessary conditions for highly personalized treatments. This has helped to accelerate results for most people while also making sure the chances of a possible relapse are minimized. The addiction recovery center is also exploring modern therapeutics in addiction treatment all in the best interest of its patients.

The drug problem in the US has become a national crisis. Drugs are everywhere and the stresses of everyday life seem to be pushing many people toward substance abuse.
North Jersey Recovery Center also observes that while there are many addiction treatment centers these days, very few can actually be able to offer the comprehensive care needed to make a difference. This is why the center is stepping up to offer patients and their distraught families a better alternative to what is already out there.

The US needs addiction recovery centers that actually care and are willing to do whatever it takes to deliver results. For North Jersey Recovery Center, it’s not just about helping patients kick substance abuse habits. The center is also looking for more ways to not only prevent relapse but also help high-risk patients prevent addiction in the first place.

After all, if an addiction problem is detected early, it is far easier to treat it. Nonetheless, patients and families that want to learn more about North Jersey Recovery Center and the work it’s doing in addiction treatment can check out for more information.

About North Jersey Recovery Center
North Jersey Recovery Center is a leading addiction and substance abuse treatment center based in New Jersey. The center offers an array of addiction recovery programs that are customized to help patients kick their addiction and stay clean for the rest of their lives. North Jersey Recovery Center also has a team of seasoned and highly skilled therapists with abundant experience in addiction treatment and recovery. They have also built a modern facility with all the amenities needed to aid full recovery. But for patients who need at-home care, an outpatient service is also available as well.

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