When deciding how to pay for addiction treatment at North Jersey Recovery Center, there are two options to consider. The first option is paying for your stay and therapies out of pocket. This could be possible with your own funds, financial assistance from family, etc. This payment option offers an immediate admittance into our facility.

The other way to pay for treatment is going to be through your insurance company. By working with our staff, we can help you receive the maximum amount of coverage from your insurance plan.

At our facility, we understand how much of a financial burden treatment can be if you have to pay out of pocket. This is why we do everything we can to work with your insurance company and offer you the greatest amount of financial support possible. Although treatment can be expensive, no price should prevent you from a full recovery.

What to Consider When Choosing a Treatment Facility

The process of choosing a treatment facility can be overwhelming. There are many things to consider and many details to get in order before deciding on the right one. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself when looking at different facilities:

  • “Do they treat my type of addiction?”
  • “Do they offer dual-diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders and addiction disorders?”
  • “Is the campus somewhere I think I could spend a lengthy amount of time?”
  • “Do they have the amenities that I want in a facility?”
  • “Is the staff up to date on new technology and treatment programs?”
  • “What types of therapies do they offer?”

Because there are so many treatment facilities out there, our goal here at NJRC is to set ourselves apart from the rest. We understand that addiction doesn’t just affect one part of your life. It tampers with your mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

In order to combat these hardships, our facility uses innovative drug and alcohol addiction programs to give each of our patients the tools for success. We strive to give each one who graduates from our programs the best chance of maintaining sobriety for life.

About Cigna Insurance

Cigna is a health insurance company that prides itself on helping its policyholders maintain total health. The company was started in Philadelphia in 1792 as a marine insurance company called the Insurance Company of North America. Now with almost 74,000 employees, it ranks as the second-best insurance company amongst its highest competitors.

Cigna does everything they can to make each of their healthcare plans affordable, easy to obtain, and reliable. By offering many different types of plans, they appeal to people of varying races, religions, and financial backgrounds. They have also helped reduce the opioid use among their customers by 25%. All of these factors make them a great option to consider when looking for an insurance company to hold a policy with. 

Additional Benefits of Cigna Plans

Although it’s important to find a company that provides coverage for your addiction treatment, everyday benefits are also of major importance. Most of Cigna’s plans are willing to cover 100% of checkups and routine immunizations for their in-network healthcare providers.

Cigna happily engages in an extensive amount of charity work. They started the Cigna Foundation that gives grants to nonprofit organizations that have a focus on community health navigation. They have raised over $50 million to fund support groups for families of healthcare workers. 

Reviewing Your Policy

Healthcare is becoming more attainable every year. Because of this, we urge you not to shy away from looking into the possibility of using an insurance plan to cover your treatment expenses. Our staff is willing to break everything down to help you better understand what type of coverage you are able to receive.

At North Jersey Recovery Center, a review of your Cigna coverage will allow you to see: 

  • The types of treatments you may be eligible to receive funding for
  • The length of stay that will be covered
  • Whether or not inpatient and outpatient treatment will be covered

After reviewing your Cigna policy, we will be able to move forward with you regarding the treatment process. We want to give you every option possible, so you do not have to dig yourself out of a financial hole after treatment is completed.

In-Network vs. Out-of-Network Policies

When it comes to out-of-network versus in-network facilities, it is important to know the difference. An out-of-network provider is one that does not have a personal contract with Cigna insurance. An in-network provider works with Cigna to provide potential extra coverage that out-of-network facilities may not receive. 

Each type of these providers will give you some sort of coverage through your Cigna plan. It will depend on whether they are out-of-network or in-network and what type of plan you currently have.

Coverage for Addiction Treatment

When it comes to treatment for substance abuse, the various costs can add up quickly. These can include things like therapy, medication management, room and board, etc. When deciding which insurance company to go with, always learn about the general coverage they offer for rehab costs.

Cigna plans need prior approval for substance treatment in both in-network and out-of-network facilities. With most of their policies, Cigna offers some sort of coverage plan for addiction treatment. The amount will vary depending on which one an individual is under. 

Medical Detox Coverage

NJRC’s detox program is often the first part of the recovery process. Detoxification is the process that slowly cleanses a person’s body of the toxins from the drugs and alcohol the individual was using.

To determine the severity of an individual’s addiction, our medical team will perform mental and physical evaluations. This will help them understand the possible amount of time it will take to completely detoxify the patient’s body.

Detox is a crucial step in the recovery process and usually one of the most painful. Patients going through detox are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms that can last days or even weeks. 

After you’ve decided whether or not to attend treatment at NJRC, our licensed staff members will evaluate your current condition. This will allow them to decide whether detox will be necessary in order to start the recovery process. If it is needed, we will work with your Cigna representative to ensure you receive the most coverage for your detox that your plan allows. Your level of coverage will depend on the Cigna plan you currently hold.

Dual-Diagnosis: Mental Disorder and Addiction Treatment Coverage

Addiction and mental health disorders often go hand-in-hand. When someone develops an addiction disorder, it is not uncommon for them to have an underlying mental disorder, as well. Some types of these disorders can include anxiety, depression, bipolar, and personality disorders.

It is important that people who suffer from co-occurring disorders receive treatment for their addictions and mental disorders simultaneously. By treating both disorders together, the amount of time spent in rehab will decrease significantly. This can also help reduce the cost of treatment.

When a comprehensive review is done of your Cigna plan, we will be able to tell you the exact amount that you’re able to receive coverage for. Each Cigna plan will offer some sort of coverage towards mental health rehabilitation.

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Coverage

We understand there are many things to consider when choosing which treatment center to attend. This is why we strive to provide many different options for each of our patients, so we can accommodate you as best as possible.

The severity of your addiction will determine whether or not you will need to be admitted into one of our inpatient treatments or our outpatient treatment program. The difference between the two lies within the intensity of the programs.

Inpatient treatment provides 24/7 care from our staff and requires patients to stay within the facility. Our outpatient programs allow patients to remain on somewhat of a normal schedule. Recovering individuals can attend treatment and also continue working, studying for their degree, or tending to family responsibilities.

The level of coverage you will get from your Cigna plan will depend on which program you enroll in. Because inpatient programs are more expensive, this could increase the overall cost of your stay with us at North Jersey Recovery Center. We will evaluate your plan to let you know what to expect to pay out of pocket.

NJRC is Here to Help You!

If you or someone you know is worried about paying for addiction treatment, we are here to assist you. We understand that your Cigna plan may be the only way you are able to attend treatment. This is why we will work diligently with your representative to inquire about every ounce of coverage available to you through your plan. When searching for a professional treatment facility, look no further than NJRC. We work to answer your questions about payment options and treatment in general. Feel free to contact us at any time of the day. Allow us to work by side with you in order to take back your life!

Reviewed for Medical & Clinical Accuracy by Laura Riley

Medical Reviewer

Laura comes to NJRC with 23 years of vast clinical experience in hospital, residential, outpatient, and community outreach settings where she has worked, supervised clinical teams, and volunteered. She has provided substance abuse and mental health counseling, clinical coordination, and advocacy to individuals, families and groups, and specializes in co-occurring disorders for both adults and adolescents.