Smoking Meth North Jersey Recovery Center - A man is learning how to smoke meth after purchasing the substance off the street and lighting a meth pipe to get high.

What is Smoking Meth?

When people learn about the different ways drug users use meth, they often wonder how to smoke meth.

First and foremost, it is valuable to know meth, or methamphetamine, is an extremely addictive drug that has become a big concern in the United States.

Using meth poses serious risks to your health.

Once you begin smoking meth, it can be extremely challenging to stop.

Meth use also carries a high risk of overdose, putting you in danger of a serious medical emergency and even death.


Understanding Meth

Meth is a stimulant drug made by combining certain cold medicines with chemicals, such as nail polish remover, battery acid, and drain cleaner.

Many times, people do not know what meth is made of or do not realize how much damage it can cause.

Meth comes in a crystal form, which users smoke with a small glass pipe.

Smoking meth gives users a rush of chemicals in their brain that makes them feel euphoria and a burst of energy. These effects can last up to 12 hours. This long-lasting high is what makes smoking meth so addictive.

The Effects of Smoking Meth on Your Body

Meth is dangerous even after only one use. Smoking meth speeds up your body’s systems to dangerous levels.

It can raise your blood pressure, increase your body temperature, and make your heartbeat rapid or irregular. Meth also reduces your appetite and can cause nausea and extreme insomnia. It is not unusual for seriously addicted meth users to stay awake for days from smoking meth over and over again.

In the long-term, smoking meth can have even more serious health risks, including:

  • Permanent damage to your heart
  • Long-term changes to the way your brain works
  • Heart attacks, strokes, and death from chronic high blood pressure
  • Damage to your liver, kidneys, and lungs
  • Intense itching, causing skin sores from scratching
  • A weakened immune system

Perhaps one of the best-known side effects of smoking meth is called “meth mouth.” Because meth is made from such toxic chemicals, smoking it causes problems with your oral health. These problems include sores or burns inside your mouth, such as sores or burns on your lips, gums, and cheeks. On top of these oral side effects, smoking meth combined with the typical poor diets of meth users can lead to gingivitis and rotting or missing teeth.

The Effects of Smoking Meth on Your Brain

Smoking meth is not just bad for your physical health; it is also bad for your mental health.

Like most drugs, meth changes the way your brain works. When you use meth, your brain is flooded with chemicals that make you feel good. This flood of chemicals is much higher than what is usually released by your brain and is what makes you feel high.

It does not take long for your brain to get used to this rush of chemicals and for you to be unable to get pleasure from anything other than smoking meth. This makes your brain crave meth to feel good.

Once you are addicted to smoking meth, you may experience other mental health issues including aggression, anxiety, confusion, delusions, hallucinations, mood swings, and paranoia. Smoking meth can even lead to violent outbursts.

Once these symptoms start appearing, it can be challenging to make them disappear. Even after quitting, it can take months or years for your brain to heal.

The support of a quality rehab facility, like North Jersey Recovery Center, is critical to ensure a lasting path to sobriety.

How to Tell if Someone is Smoking Meth

While it can be difficult to tell if someone has an addiction, the symptoms of smoking meth are generally more noticeable than other substances.

If you are worried your friend or loved one is smoking meth, ask yourself these questions:

  • Have they recently lost a lot of weight or have begun to look gaunt or frail?
  • Do they have sores on their face, arms, or mouth?
  • Are their teeth becoming dirty, black, or rotten?
  • Does the skin on their face seem saggy or loose?
  • Do they have a hard time sitting still?
  • Do they tend to talk quickly or say things that do not make sense?
  • Do they believe they see or hear things at times that are not really there?
  • Do they always seem to be sick?
  • Do they often complain they feel too hot?
  • Does it seem like they rarely sleep?
  • Are they frequently scratching, leading to open sores on their skin?

If your friend or loved one has two or more of these symptoms, it could be likely they are abusing meth.

It is important to find a positive and caring way to address their drug use so that you can help them get into an addiction treatment center as soon as possible.

The longer a person uses meth, the higher the chances are they may experience an overdose. When someone overdoses on meth, it can cause internal bleeding, heart attack, stroke, or organ failure.

Signs of an overdose from shooting up meth include an irregular heartbeat, chest pains, extremely high blood pressure, problems breathing, extreme agitation, dangerously high body temperature, and coma.

If not treated quickly, a meth overdose can lead to death.

Treatment Options for Meth Addiction

If you have an addiction to smoking meth, now is the time to seek the help of a rehab facility like North Jersey Recovery Center.

The first step in overcoming a meth addiction is medical detox. Our medical detox programs help get the meth out of your system as comfortably as possible.

At our secure and supportive facility, we help you with medical treatments that reduce your withdrawal symptoms. While medical detox will not make all of the potential detox symptoms go away, it does make them easier to manage.

The next step in your treatment plan will be finding a therapy program that is best for your needs and level of addiction.

We find a lot of success with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

This type of therapy focuses on finding thoughts and behaviors that lead to your drug use.

Once we help you recognize these patterns, we equip you with tactics to help avoid triggers to stay clean.


Get the Help You Need

Meth addiction can be challenging to overcome because of how addictive the substance is.

But getting clean is the only way you can return back to living a healthy and normal life.

At North Jersey Recovery Center, we know addiction does not just affect your physical health; it also affects your mental and spiritual health.

We tailor all of our treatment programs to fit the unique needs of every client.

We offer multiple levels of care, which allows us to help those who have professional or educational commitments.

Our facility was designed with our clients’ comfort and success in mind, providing unique amenities, privacy, and a supportive recovery environment.

You can trust our team of experienced, highly-qualified addiction professionals to help you through every step of your recovery journey.

We realize many of our clients worry about how they are going to pay for their treatment. We accept most private and commercial insurance plans.

Reach out to us, and we will complete a free insurance verification to determine your benefits and coverage for addiction treatment.

If your insurance plan will not cover our services, we will not stop helping you on your recovery journey. Instead, our admissions team works with you to direct you to a rehab center that is covered by your insurance policy.

No matter how serious your meth addiction is, or how long you have been smoking meth, you can live a fulfilling life without drugs with proper addiction treatment.

At North Jersey Recovery Center, we are here to help design your recovery plan for maximum success.

Take the first step on your recovery journey and give us a call today.

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